Numerous companies rely on the mass finishing and blasting processes provided by RST. They count on the fact that RST will find the best process solution for their surface finishing job. This innovative ability is our strength. Whether sophisticated turbine, nozzle or mass finishing technology, automation, parts handling, optimized process control or waste water technology: We have the right solution. We meet market requirements early through targeted processing solutions combined with 100% reproducible surface quality with the highest degree of cost-effectiveness. We see component, machine, consumables and waste water technology as a uniform and sustainable process.

With a wide variety of our product range, we can cater to several industries which are growing rapidly in the globe. We serve the industries which demand quality, Cost-effectiveness, and ease of production process with our proven solutions. RST is the only surface finishing supplier in India that offers the two most essential finishing technologies, mass finishing and shot blasting, as well as industrial washing systems and in-house production and development.


  • Mass finishing and blasting systems for Chain Manufacturing industry: For a perfect surface finish
  • The Indian auto industry became the 4th largest in the world and It was the 7th largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in recent years.
  • As part of this growth drive system and transmission system plays vital role to meet the market requirements.
  • As a result, it demands good quality and the life of chain. Through surface finishing using mass finishing methods quality and the life of chains can be increased significantly. We provide innovative, fully automatic high energy disc systems and mass finishing machines for the requirements of the chain industry, which combine 100% reproducible surface quality with the highest degree of cost-effectiveness.
  • Application- edge rounding, rough and fine grinding, smoothing, polishing, deburring and cleaning